Principal's Message

At Caldwell Parish High School, there is a long standing tradition of excellence and high expectations for students, faculty, and administrators.  It’s a place where we continue to raise the bar to achieve the highest level of academic and athletic achievement. Our faculty understands the significant difference it can make through teaching with passion and purpose.


Academically, our school offers access and challenges to all students.  The choices are abundant, offering options in Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment for TOPS University diploma students, as well as Jump Start graduation pathways and Industry-Based Certifications for those pursuing a career or trade specialization.  


Extracurricular activities are also numerous, and all students are encouraged to connect and get involved according to their interests.  A student's high school years will provide them with a wonderful opportunity to discover their unique talents and gifts.


Our staff works diligently to ensure that each child is working to his or her maximum ability.  It is our desire to intentionally add value to the life of each student who walks our halls. It is also our wish that all students develop the confidence needed to experience success, and upon graduation, become productive citizens of a global society.




Alanna Garcia

Principal - Caldwell Parish High School